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What is Managed I.T. Services

      Think of Managed I.T. as a subscription service for a Professional Technical Partner. As a Professional Technology Partner we leverage technology and use pieces of software called agents to provide self-remediation of simple problems like defragging space on hard drives or running check disk on hard drives. It is also report problems that it senses like computer temperature is too hot, cpu utilization is too high, we can even monitor key services like exchange or sql for abnormal changes. The purpose is to PROACTIVELY MONITOR YOUR COMPUTER OR SERVERS FOR PROBLEMS SO THEY CAN BE FIXED WITHOUT DOWNTIME OR MINIMIZE DOWNTIME! We also bundle a remote support tool so we can respond to issues immediately. This is just the basics.

At Underdog Computer and Network Support LLC, we are serious about security and it is the keystone of all our offerings. So even at the basic lowest package we provide Patch Management, Antimalware and DNS protection. With Patch Management your computers are constantly scanned and patched with the latest non-threatening but critical patches, fixes and updates available every week. Once a month we will deploy service packs and updates as soon as we know they are safe to deploy.

Unfortunately many Managed I.T. companies with the best intentions, NEVER FOLLOW THROUGH WITH WHAT THEY PROMISED! They will charge you a monthly fee and you hardly see them, you may get a report that shows your health of your computers, they aren’t really managing patches or understand how to managed patches. In short they are selling you Managed I.T. services but are acting like a Break/Fix Shop.

Don’t Worry Follow these Steps

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Benefits of the Managed I.T. Client

  • Budget Friendly I.T. Costs

  • Proacitve Solutions that Benefit your Business

  • Fast Response Time

  • Stay Focused on your Business not your Technology

  • Monitoring - This is a small piece of software that collects data for the purpose of analyzing trends and can predict if there is a problem with the computer

  • Patch Management - Microsoft releases patches every Tuesday, but not every patch that is released is needed or safe for your organization. Patch Management releases only the safe patches for your organization. Patches are tested and then released only if safe. Many I.T. providers don't have the staff that can handle this

  • Managed Antivirus - Centralized antivirus with other organizations that allow for detection of viruses and malware more swiftly. The bigger the shared database the more beneficial the detection is

Underdog Computer and Network Support  Managed I.T. Services is called Serenity Managed Care. One of our concerns when starting up is we noticed so many Managed I.T. services not living up to their promise to their customers, not providing what they promised the client. Many clients paid monthly but for little benefits. Problems were not resolved proactively and always putting out “fires” . So when we began we developed Serenity Managed Care we employ a team that is dedicated to Managed I.T. that handles Patch Management, Managed Antivirus and allow us to concentrate on servicing our clients. You can back to the Business of Your Business and let us Handle the Technology!



Non Contracted

(no agreement)


(Server and Desktop)


(Server and Desktop)


(Everything’s Managed)

Remote Support

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Onsite Support (at your office)

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Remote Project Labor

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Onsite Project Labor

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Remote After Hours Support


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Onsite After Hours Support

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Short-Notice Emergency Service

(onsite or remote, any time of day)

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 Contracted Prices

Contracted Prices


Technology Roadmap Process

Business Plan and Process Management for Technology







Free Remote Monitoring of Server critical functions
(Value: $95 / Server / mo).


Free Off-Site Remote Server Monthly Maintenance
(Value: $250 / Server / mo).


Free remote support per calendar month
(Value: $190 / mo).  Hrs expire at end of calendar month.


2 Hours/mo.



Continuous and Preventative Maintenance of Servers (updates, patches, fixes, etc.)
(Value: $250 / Server / mo).


Continuous and Preventative Maintenance of Workstations (updates, patches, fixes, etc.)
(Value: $125 /workstation / mo).


Free Anti-Malware/Virus and DNS Protection

(Value: $7.95 / mailbox / mo.)


Free Virus Scanning on all covered machines

(Value: $4 / machine / mo.)



Free First 3 hours of labor for each new workstation added to network

(Value: $285.00 / workstation)


Free Anti-Spam Filtering

(Value: $4 / machine / mo.)


Two Hours Free in-house training per Quarter

– May not be rolled over –

(Value: $760 / year)



Access to our Emergency Help line service,

monitored 24/7

(Value: $250 / mo.).


Free maintenance of network equipment and maintenance of relationship with ISP

(Value:  $400 / mo.).


Free maintenance of network printers and other network-attached equipment

(Value:  $400 / mo.).


 Your Monthly Investment   Call for Prices Call For Prices Call for Prices

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