What Business Are You In?

Stressed out over slow computers

Chances are you are not in the I.T. business but so many small businesses insist on handling their own technology problems themselves. The problem is partly due to the fact that computers have become pretty easy to setup these days. You can go down to the local big box store buy a computer off the shelf. Plug It in a Viola it is up and running. It is also partly due to the fact a lot of business use cloud services instead of having local servers. Partly it is due to The industry leaders like Microsoft and Dell and so many others have made it really easy for the typical end user to do just that.

But like the proverbial onion you peel back the top layer and computers are a bit more complicated than that. Technology has become so inexpensive that many businesses find it cheaper to just throw away the computer, the printer, the switch or whatever else and buy a new one. The big manufactures count on this because it means more sales.

The Internet Is a Scary Place

The internet is a scary place these days and we want to make sure all our clients are safe. So all our services even our lowest packages include security. We never want you to choose between price and security. Not all businesses are the same and therefore technology needs are not the same. We have structured our packages based on the level of engagement you require..

Business that employ a Managed CIO enjoy the following benefits:

  • Properly configured and maintained Computers

  • Longer Lasting Equipment which results in less cost of equipment, licenses and software

  • Less Malware, Spyware and viruses’ overall

  • Technical Support on hand when needed

  • Productive Employees because they get to focus on your business instead of IT

  • Less “Technology” headaches – When you partner with a Managed CIO, you get back to the business of your business. We handle the technology.

  • You stop worrying about how much downtime costs you and look at how much uptime is saving you!

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