Let me introduce myself I am Carmine Corridore; President of Underdog Computer and Network Support LLC. 

From a young age I was fascinated with computers my parents bought me my first computer when I was 10 and originally I wanted to be a programmer. I loved what the computer could do, I saw it’s potential all the way back then.

The year was 1990 and computers were really taking off. It became obvious that I could have a career not in programming but in working with computers. That started me off on my journey. Once I got thru technical school I started in my first job as a printer maintenance/repair person (an entry level job) with a short period of time I got into desktop support. Around the same time the graphical interface of Windows 3.1 and Windows 95 was emerging in businesses. I learned everything I needed to about it, the ins and outs better than anyone in my office. Eventually I began working on computer networks.


                That started my love affair with the industry. What attracted me is the constant and high paced changes in the industry the fascination of something different. It combines a few things I love; solving problems. The ability to walk into a customer’s business either because the network is down or a computer is freezing or printer is constantly jamming and walk out with everything working again. It is a great feeling. Building something out of nothing. This is my favorite I think because you take this place that doesn’t have computers or a real network in place. You “design” a network environment that puts computers together in a logical fashion and then you leave with this fully functional business environment. Finally I love working with people. I don’t think if I didn’t I wouldn’t have stayed as long as I have. I love teaching people things, I am not one of those stereotypical arrogant tech people. I don’t keep secrets. If a customer asks me how to do something I will show them, if I went to fast I will show them again. Let them take notes or whatever makes them comfortable. Eventually I become their trusted advisor not just on technology but on other things. It is not uncommon from a customer to vent to me about life, that’s ok with me! 

So then the purpose of Underdog Computer and Network Support LLC is to provide a place my clients feel safe, comfortable and know they have a friend in the business. Someone who has the ability to solve their computer problems and can talk to about anything. I want Underdog to be a natural extension to my clients business not even a second thought that we are a vendor.



Underdog Computer and Network Support is Different For the Following Reasons

  •  Best Practices – We will never use you as a guinea pig for Technology, we deploy sound and known working solutions. 
  • The Internet is a Scary place these days for Businesses so all of our Services are built around Security. Every Plan we offer provides:
    • Malware/Virus Protection
    • DNS Protection – make sure every website you go to is safe and free of malware
    • Patch Management – we make sure that 1)your computer is kept up to date with the latest updates and security patches and 2)the patches we apply are safe
    • Remote Monitoring and Self Remediation – Our agents have the ability to self heal most common issues and report and escalate more serious issues to a technician.
  •  Friendly and Helpful service. We like people and we genuinely like helping you. There is never double speak or “Geek Speak” we talk to you in plain English. Never make you feel dumb.
  • Every Client is equally important to us. I mean it! We work hard to provide a culture that is right for us and our clients. We believe is growing slowly and working with clients that have the same business philosophy as us. I would rather have quality of service then quantity of clients

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