IT Services Moosic PA

Do you have any of these issues with your current technology?

Are you Frustrated with Slow Computers?

Are you Frustrated with Slow Internet Downloads?

Are you Angry with Computers Crashing and Freezing?

Recent Update or Upgrade has slowed down your computer?

Does it always seem like you are waiting on the computer?

Every Time you Turn Around You have SPAM, Vlruses , Malware, Popups?

Taking forever to get anything done?

Are you LOSING productivity from your Employees?

Do you lack confidence that your data is properly backed up and protected?

Does it seem like no matter how much you pay your IT company you have more problems?

Frustrated with Deciphering your Invoice from Your Tech Company?

Are you Wasting Too Much of your time trying to fix things yourself because you are afraid of that bill?

Are you wasting time with the Wrong People?

We know it seems that “Doing” I.T. seems simple. You toss a stone in any direction and you find some who does I.T.

The Neighborhood Kid – Sure he grew up around computers, it comes second nation to him and while he may be able to do most things on your computer. He is not disciplined in the best practices and he doesn’t yet know all the security risks that are out there. Trust him in your home not your business

The Office Guy/Gal – This is probably not their full time job, they may know more than others and I am sure they have your best interest in mind but unless they have the time and knowledge you could be doing more harm then good! Instead they would make a great point person for us to work with!

The Copier or Telephone People – Copiers and Telephone systems once a separate entity and had nothing to do with computers and networks. Now are very integrated but old school copier and telephone vendors have had to play catch up with networking and may not be well verse to handle I.T.

The Arrogant I.T. guy – The worst of them all, this guy gives us a bad name. You will know if you ask questions and they make you feel dumb or they don’t share information with you freely. Dump him and Dump him quick!

We know you are frustrated dealing with I.T. people and they all seemed to be the same

Because technology has become so seemingly easy to use, we have become complacent with I.T. support and all I.T. people appear to be the same. But that is not true at all. Some companies make it very difficult to work with them. Making themselves seem more important than they are.

Our Process is real simple:

Step 1 – Contact us for a free consultation, we will take a look at your needs

Step 2 – We will build a road map for you – we will take you from where you are to where you need to be

Step 3 – Execute, the plans we created and begin supporting and transforming your business from being Reactive to Productive

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