A Virus isn't the only thing you need to Worry about!

Phishing Emails

is any type of attempt to bait a user into performing an action such as opening an attachment in email, clicking on a link, or clicking on an advertisement. It’s usually more individual and personalized and sent by someone who wants information from you such as your social security number or credit card information or to install malware on your device.

Social Engineering

Cyber Criminals use social engineering to gaining access to buildings, systems or data by exploiting human psychology, rather than by breaking in or using technical hacking techniques. Cyber Criminal might use social engineering to call an employee and pose as an IT support person, trying to trick the employee into divulging his password.

Domain Evil Twin

Similiar to Domain Spoofing, a domain evil twin is taking a legitimate website such as www.microsoft.com and registering a slightly different domain name often misspelled like www.mircosoft.com

Mail Server Penetration

If your mail server whether it be cloud based or on premise, if it is unprotected misconfigured or insecure you can be providing cyber criminals a tool to do their bidding.

Spear Phishing

A message may come from what appears to be a trusted source; however, it is more likely that the sender will look like a colleague in your company or a vendor. The attacks are not from “random” hackers, but more likely from organized groups or individuals out for financial gain, trade secrets, or even military information. Often times, it may seem to be from someone at an executive level asking the recipient to perform some task such as a wire transfer or to send W-2 information as happened recently to some in companies

Domain Spoofing

There are different types of domain spoofing. An example of domain spoofing is you get an email from what looks to be a legitimate company with a link to their website however the link takes you to a different website that looks similar to the legitimate.

WIFI Spoofing

WIFI Spoofing is the act of cloning a legitimate corporate or hot spot wifi network with the goal of having users connect to it instead of the legitimate network. Once there it is like shooting fish in a barrel. To gain access to data

Weak Passwords

We all know passwords are a pain but having a weak password is liking leaving the window open in your house. It makes it easy to allow the cyber criminal in. We have techniques to making a remembering difficult passwords

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How Can I Protect My Business, Employees and My Clients?

Underdog Provides the Following Services for your Business!

These services are Small Business Budget Approved

Ethical Hacking

An Ethical Hacker is acting like a cyber criminal using the same tools
a cyber criminal would use. However the biggest difference is we are doing it on behalf of the end user.
Ethical Hacking looks proactively looks for vulnerabilities in your network.

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Security Assessment

Security Assessment is like ethical hacking except it takes a broader look at both internal and external security threats. We then come up with a road map to compliance.

On Going Threat and Remediation Monitoring

What good is performing these assessments if you don't put in place a system to continually monitor and have a remediation plan in place. Never Fear, Underdog Has your back.

Security Awareness Training

At Underdog our prevalent belief is an educated user is a powerful user. Think of it like having a neighborhood crime watch. Everyone is on the lookout and the overall neighborhood is safer. We teach your employees what to look for and report what is suspicious.

Compliance Testing

There are several standards that you need to be compliant with depending on your industry. If you take Credit Cards you need to be PCI compliant. If you are a medical firm you will need to be HIPAA compiant. Security and Financial SOX. Underdog can help you get into compliance.

Through Education, Training, Change of Habit your business will be safe from cyber threats! Call Underdog Computer and Network Support Today 570-634-5350

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