Computer Problems Causing Downtime and Lost Productivity?

  • Are you Frustrated with Slow Computers?

  • Are you Frustrated with Slow Internet Downloads?

  • Are you Angry with Computers Crashing and Freezing?

  • Recent Update or Upgrade has slowed down your computer?

  • Does it always seem like you are waiting on the computer?

  • Every Time you Turn Around You have SPAM, Vlruses , Malware, Popups?

  • Taking forever to get anything done?

  • Are you LOSING productivity from your Employees?

  • Do you lack confidence that your data is properly backed up and protected?

  • Does it seem like no matter how much you pay your IT company you have more problems?

  • Frustrated with Deciphering your Invoice from Your Tech Company?

  • Are you Wasting Too Much of your time trying to fix things yourself because you are afraid of that bill?


Are you Wasting Precious Time and Resources using the Wrong People?

The Neighborhood Kid?

"He Knows Computers", he has been "hacking" since he was 10 years old.
He added memory to my computer pretty easily! The youngsters pick up technology pretty quickly and comes second nature to them. While it is fine to use them in your house I wouldn't trust your business to them. They yet to have the knowledge and experience of a complex network environment

Do you use a Big Box Store for Technical Support because it Feels Safer?

Just because those Big Box Store are all over the place. Don't mistake that for them being the expert on Technology. While there maybe a main call center with actually industry seasoned tech people. The majority of your "GEEKS" are high school or college students working on commission.

Does your I.T. person make you Feel Dumb?

I.T. people have gotten a bad rap over the years as being unapproachable. They appear superior and frequently talk down to you. Yes there are a lot of them out there but we aren't all like that. If your I.T. company makes your feel less than, will not answer your questions, makes your feel like you need them more than they need you.Take to long to respond to support calls. Dump them quick before they do harm!

Copier and Telephone People?

Do you have your copier or telephone people doing your computer because “They do the same stuff”? Don't get me wrong. Copier techs are great with office equipment but may not know computer technology very well. Same thing with Phone techs. Sure they may be working with Voice over IP now or connecting copiers to the network but alot of times they require the help of your I.T. people.

The Office Go To I.T. Guy or Gal

Is someone in your Office the Go to I.T. person. Unless your business has a legitimate I.T. department with seasoned I.T. Professionals. You are wasting your money using an internal I.T. person just because "they know more than anyone else". This is likely not your employees primary job and is not well verse in the latest security and technology knowledge to keep your company safe!


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